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Zip Hydrotap Mini Boil

Boiling, Ambient

Product Details

Boiling | Ambient | Instantly

Enjoy the benefits of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water installed at your workplace kitchen sink. Now up to 55% more efficient the brilliant new Zip HydroTap G4 provides you with a safe, smart and sustainable solution for your workplace, covered by our 5 year warranty and National Service Network.

Features & benefits

  • Super-compact, instant boiling water system for the home.
  • Press the red touch pad and safety lock together for filtered boiling water, instantly. No more waiting for water to boil for tea, coffee and cooking.
  • Press the blue touch pad for filtered cold drinking water, instantly. Great tasting freshly filtered water for cool drinks and cooking.
  • Permanent safety lock requires two finger operation to access boiling water.
  • Inactivity sleep mode, when activated, powers down the system to an energy-saving 64å¼C after 2 hours non-use, with boiling resuming at next draw off.
  • Temperature status indicator signals when boiling water is ready to use.
  • Filter warning signals when the water filter cartridge is due for replacement. Super compact under sink unit with external filter system.
  • Makes it easy to install where sink cupboard space is limited.
  • PLUS internal boiling water pump for steady continuous flow.
  • Water dispenses at set temperature from the first drop. No waste.
  • PLUS cool-touch tap head and body.

Zip Miniboil is covered by a 1 Year Warranty.

Full parts and labour warranty for 12 months from date of purchase, provided any service required
is carried out by a Zip-trained service provider and that water filter cartridge
replacements are made at recommended intervals.

Note: all HydroTap residential models are designed specifically for use in a domestic environment and inappropriate installations such as in a commercial location will invalidate the warranty.

Under Counter Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)


Need Help Choosing The Right Filter Or Maintenance Options?

Check the FAQ's below and if you are still stuck please feel free to call our helpful sales team on: 0333 313 4345

  • Which filter should I choose for this machine?

    If the machine you are choosing dispenses cold or ambient water only, then you will need any of the Cold Water Filters.

    If the machine you are choosing dispenses hot & cold water, then you will need any of the Hot & Cold Water Filters that include a Scale Inhibitor.

    If the machine you are choosing have specific filters to choose from, these will be the only ones available in the dropdown box.

  • What is the difference between carbon block & GAC?

    While the GAC filters are adequate and have a slightly quicker throughput. A Carbon Block filter does a much more thorough job of filtering your water.

  • Why do I need a maintenance contract & what does FCSS/FSMA/B-FSMA stand for?

    Plumbed in Water Boilers, Water Coolers & Fountains need to have their filters changed and tanks sanitised twice per year. Water Boilers also need to be descaled. You can either buy the filters and cleaning equipment to do this your self or take out a service contract and have it done professionally.

    FCSS - Filter Change Service & Sanitisation
    Includes 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.

    FSMA - Full Service Maintenance Agreement
    Includes all callouts, parts & labour, 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.

    B-FSMA - Boiler Full Service Maintenance Agreement
    Includes all callouts, parts & labour, 1 descale, 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.