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Borg & Overström T3+ Undercounter

Under Counter Water System

Uncompromising original design

T3 is our first-ever drinking water tap system with a hot option, and it’s distinctly Borg & Overström. The newest addition to our next-generation product suite, it’s built from the ground up with premium aesthetics and our most advanced dispensing innovations.

Thoughtful innovation

T3 is a hot tap for all seasons. We’ve pushed the boundaries of design to build a four-way tap system that in no way sacrifices water quality, performance, energy efficiency, or aesthetics.

Cool touch

We’ve solved one of the biggest challenges of hot water dispensing, temperature control. T3 dispenses hot water at 92 degrees and then chilled or sparkling water from the same tap without heat transfer to chilled water feeds or the faucet.

Single undercounter ProCore®

Beneath the counter is a single, convenient unit housing hot, cold, ambient and sparkling components. It’s low maintenance and fitted with the new eco R290 gas. The colour-coated GreenCoat® steel construction makes it sustainable and durable.

Future-proof digital connectivity

T3 meets the needs of the modern workplace with industry-leading digital connectivity. It’s IoT-ready and comes with touchless Bluetooth® operation as standard. An intelligent troubleshooting module emits blinking code to support users with effective maintenance.

Ventilation kit included

T3 ProCore® fits into the same cutouts as a T2 ProCore® allowing for easy transition from one to the other with no adaptation. The ProCore® comes complete with an easy-fit ventilation kit, which increases the efficiency of ProCore® by allowing a continuous cycle of cool air.

Revolutionary modularity

T3 bears the iconic hallmark of all next-generation Borg & Overström dispensers – Maktens Borg. The universally compatible parts increase maintenance efficiency for distributors and demonstrate a commitment to outstanding reliability for all users.

Energy-saving ECO mode

T3 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. In addition to our high-performance cooling technology, Dry Chill®, T3 has an intelligent sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode during low light or after a period of inactivity.

Sustainability at the heart

T3 is built in the UK using proprietary sub-assemblies from nearshore suppliers, reducing the supply-chain carbon footprint. Recyclable components combined with solar-powered manufacturing processes make T3 a highly sustainable choice.

Advanced UV protection

As an option, T3 can be fitted with Viovandt®, a mercury-free, chemical-free and energy-efficient LED-UV water purification system. For complete peace of mind, it also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality® methodology.

Bluetooth® Alarmed Waste Kit

An Alarmed Waste Kit is available as an optional add-on for tap systems. This clever device emits an audible alarm at high water level and sends a signal via Bluetooth® to deactivate the control panel, preventing the tank from overflowing.

Control your water dispenser from your smartphone

Enjoy pure refreshment with our new touchless water dispensing mobile app. Now available for download and compatible with all T2 tap systems.


Chilled Temperature


Degrees celsius

Hot Temperature


Degrees celsius

ProCore+ Flow Rate


Litres per hour

Hot Flow Rate


Litres per hour

Tap Height



Dispense Height



T3 ProCore Under Counter Unit

W320xD471xH400mm - Includes the Simple-fit Ventilation Base

Dispense Options Water System Max Power
Hot, Chilled, Ambient Dry Chill® 1710W
Hot, Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Dry Chill® 1710W

Machine Rental

All of our machines are available on a rental agreement.

Rental Includes:

  • Delivery & Installation
  • All callouts & Parts
  • 2x Sanitisations per year
  • 2x filter changes per year

£23.08 Per Week
1,000 Cups


Machine Purchase

Need Help Choosing The Right Filter Or Maintenance Options?

Check the FAQ's below and if you are still stuck please feel free to call our helpful sales team on: 0333 313 4345

  • Which filter should I choose for this machine?

    If the machine you are choosing dispenses cold or ambient water only, then you will need any of the Cold Water Filters.

    If the machine you are choosing dispenses hot & cold water, then you will need any of the Hot & Cold Water Filters that include a Scale Inhibitor.

    If the machine you are choosing have specific filters to choose from, these will be the only ones available in the dropdown box.

  • What is the difference between carbon block & GAC?

    While the GAC filters are adequate and have a slightly quicker throughput. A Carbon Block filter does a much more thorough job of filtering your water.

  • Why do I need a maintenance contract & what does FCSS/FSMA/B-FSMA stand for?

    Plumbed in Water Boilers, Water Coolers & Fountains need to have their filters changed and tanks sanitised twice per year. Water Boilers also need to be descaled. You can either buy the filters and cleaning equipment to do this your self or take out a service contract and have it done professionally.

    FCSS - Filter Change Service & Sanitisation
    Includes 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.

    FSMA - Full Service Maintenance Agreement
    Includes all callouts, parts & labour, 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.

    B-FSMA - Boiler Full Service Maintenance Agreement
    Includes all callouts, parts & labour, 1 descale, 2 filter changes & 2 sanitisations per year.