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Watercoolers For Work

As humans we rely on a constant supply of water to maintain all of the major organs, muscles, skin, and blood supplies.  Our brains are 85% water and depend upon a constant flow of water in order to work properly. A water deficiency of even 2% can cause the brain to slow down and lose focus. Lack of water leads to a lack of awareness, problems with concentration, and poor short term memory. When the body and brain are refreshed and hydrated, they are able to function clearly, and perform to their full ability.

Dehydration is, simply, what happens when the body loses more water than it takes in.

When dehydration occurs, blood cells lose more water than they gain. This leads to fatigue, sluggishness, confusion and irritability. By the time a person feels “thirsty,” he or she is already suffering early dehydration. Most people do not even realise they are suffering from dehydration and often confuse the sensation for hunger.

Drinking water in the workplace is critical for productivity and mental alertness. Even slight dehydration can lead to workers suffering a loss of reasoning ability, visual perception and mathematical skills. The average person spends roughly 60% of his or her waking hours at work. For many people, the majority of these hours will be spent looking at a computer screen, and performing complex tasks. These activities require focused attention and concentration.

Dehydration is especially common in workplaces where there is a high consumption of caffeine. Workers often drink constant cups of tea and coffee throughout the work day. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, meaning that workers who drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day are at increased risk of the effects of dehydration. They also risk suffering from fatigue, migraines and general poor health if any lost water is not replaced.

Workers should drink 100-200ml of water at frequent intervals during the day. This roughly equates to about eight full glasses a day. Workers tend to lose about this much through normal perspiration and it is crucial to replace the lost water. Workplaces are required to provide staff with a constant supply of fresh drinking water. Ideally, this supply should be easily dispensed and easily accessible to all workers.

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With the human body being 60% water, it is crucial to ensure that your workers and employees are replacing any water that they lose. Help your employees to remain active, productive and efficient with a top quality water cooler. The result will be a workplace which is happy, healthy, and working at full potential.